Woman with debilitating fear of public spaces ventures outside and falls down a manhole

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A woman who suffers an intense fear of being in public places fell down a manhole after making a rare trip outside her home.

Janet Faal went out with a friend last week as part of her rehabilitation from the anxiety disorder agoraphobia.

But after moving a wooden pallet to help her friend reverse she stepped into the open manhole.

Janet banged her face, broke her nose and suffered a suspected fractured leg.

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The grandmother-of-four says she has been set back 'years' in her battle with debilitating agoraphobia.

Janet, of Crawley, West Sussex, now reckons she may never leave the safety of her home again.

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Janet says she spent nearly an hour in pain waiting for an ambulance.

Concerned son Andy MacDonald, 39, a painter and decorator, said: