Political linedancing on the London campaign trail

Ed Balls throwing some shapes today. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

The Tory/Labour battle for London's marginal seats was stepped up today with a series of campaign visits by political 'big beasts'.

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls was in Hendon, where the Conservatives are defending a majority of just 106, and Margaret Thatcher's former constituency, Finchley & Golders Green.

Mr Balls also visited Hampstead & Kilburn where London mayor Boris Johnson spent the morning campaigning before going on to Ealing Central and Acton.

Hampstead & Kilburn is the most marginal seat in mainland Britain where retiring MP Glenda Jackson held on at the last election with a tiny majority of 42.

Mr Balls joined members of an over-50s club in Kilburn for their weekly line dancing session.

Today's campaign visits followed last night's TV appearances by the leaders of the three main parties.

Boris Johnson accused Ed Miliband of a serious blunder for defending the last Labour government's economic record. Mr Miliband refused to accept the government had overspent.

'I was amazed and I thought that was a serious mistake. What it shows is if he's in denial about that then there is a real risk that he will simply make repeat mistakes - and I sincerely hope he isn't - if he were allowed back in charge.' Boris Johnson, Conservative

'Of course we didn't spend every pound of money well but the idea the that public spending in Britain caused the global financial crisis is Tory nonsense. As Ed Miliband said last night the global financial crisis was caused by the banks.' Ed Balls, Labour