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£20,000 reward to solve case of cyclist shot in the head

A £20,000 reward has been offered by police investigating the killing of a man shot in the head in what detectives believe was a case of mistaken identity.

Wayne Stockdale Credit: PA

Officers have yet to find a motive for the murder of 42-year-old Wayne Stockdale after he was shot while riding his bike by two masked men carrying handguns.

Mr Stockdale, from Poplar in east London, died four days after being shot in Rounton Road, Bow, east London, four years ago today.

Five people were arrested over the 2011 crime but were later released without charge.

It's now four years since Wayne, we believe, was innocently murdered, leaving a family waiting for his killers to be brought to justice. We have always maintained that Wayne was not the intended target for this incident, which saw shots fired both at him and into the street. We are appealing for anyone who knows what happened that night to contact us. We are urging those who have remained silent all these years to think about Wayne's family and re-examine their consciences and help bring Wayne's killers before a court. My direct appeal to those that know who is responsible is: Trident has a history of treating the information that is passed to them in confidence, and offering support and protection to those that do the right thing and come forward help prosecute offenders.

– Acting Detective Inspector Peter Hine, leading the investigation for the Met's Trident Legacy Team, Met Police

Anyone with any information can contact police on 020 8785 8267.