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Coffee shop charges Conservative voters 10% extra

Anyone who voted Conservative at the General Election could find 10% being added to their bill at one coffee shop.

The owner of HER in Haggerston, north London says she made the 'tough decision' to help balance the books.

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Cafe owner, First Sukpaiboon, wrote the message on a board, saying:

Please could anyone who voted Conservative identify themselves on entering my shop. I will be happy to apply a 10% 'Tory Tax' on your coffee.

I’m sure you can understand this is one of my tough decisions I need to make to balance the books, don’t be shy!

– First Sukpaiboon
Credit: Instagram/her_haggerston

The cafe is in a Labour safe seat, and so far no customers have identified themselves as Conservative voters. Speaking to the Evening Standard, First Sukpaiboon said:

The sign is more of a joke really. But we have felt the pain around here and it was sighs all round after Friday and it will be more pain to come over the next five years.

Most people just laugh at the sign and don’t take it too seriously.

Hackney is very Labour so we haven't had anyone come in and say they voted Tory, although one person did get in contact over Twitter, but I haven’t received any complaints.

– First Sukpaiboon