Gay couple outraged over 'homophobic' road named Bangays Way

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A tiny English village is in the middle of a homophobic row after a gay couple living there objected to a new street - named Bangays Way.

Married couple Philip and Ian Tucker say the road name, in honour of a local historian called Frank Bangay, is highly offensive. The pair have now got their MP involved in a bid to change the street name in the Kent village of Borough Green.

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The parish council are also due to hold a meeting tonight to address the situation.

But the Bangay family are furious and have labelled the couple's calls as "petty playground bullying" and "name calling".

Philip said:

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The Bangay family have reacted furiously to the couple's offence at the sign which was installed last month in a new development.

Ian Bangay wrote in a blog post:

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The parish council are expected to approve changing the street name to 'Frank Bangay Way' so the local historian, war veteran and former councillor, who passed away in 1999, can still be commemorated.

The Chairman of Borough Green Parish Council, Councillor Mike Taylor, was part of the committee who approved the street name and also called for the emergency meeting.