House floats down the River Thames and past the Houses of Parliament

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If you thought you spotted a house floating down the River Thames this morning, your eyes were not playing tricks on you.

The fully functioning floating house set sail - passing beneath Tower Bridge before gliding past the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye on its maiden voyage.

Credit: Airbnb

If you missed it, don't worry. The house will meander along the river throughout the week until Saturday 22 May.

Credit: Airbnb

Like something straight out of an animated film, the home has two bedrooms, a living room, working bathroom and even a garden complete with real grass, a doghouse and an apple tree.

It measures an imposing eight metres and weighs in at 70 tonnes.

Crossing local neighbourhoods such as Chelsea, Westminster and Canary Wharf, the house will hold community events and overnight stays throughout the week.

Credit: Airbnb

The house forms part of a publicity stunt as new rules on home sharing mean Londoners are allowed to share their homes with travellers for up to 90 days a year.