Teenagers carve initials into childhood friend's body during torture and kidnapping

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Two teenagers carved their initials into a childhood friend's body during a three hour kidnap and torture ordeal.

Police say Yousaf Khan and Xavier Christopher took their young victim to a secluded alleyway in Northholt where they also urinated on him.

The pair wanted to rob him, but when it became apparent he had no money, they subjected him to a prolonged period of abuse, and made repeated threats towards him and his family.

Yousaf Khan Credit: Met Police

Police say Yousaf Khan punched the victim hard in the face before producing a flick-knife and holding it under the victim’s eye. He then used the knife to carve his initials across the victim’s forehead.

Xavier Christopher then took the knife, cut the victim, and carved letters onto his arm. Having been repeatedly tortured for a period of almost three hours and urinated on, the victim agreed to take the two to his home to get money.

The attack was carried out on Tuesday, 26 August, 2014.

Xavier Christopher Credit: Met Police

Police arrested Yousaf Khan the next day. Christopher was identified and arrested within the week. Both were subsequently charged.

While in custody and awaiting trial, Yousef Khan’s brother Sameer Khan tried to approach the victim, trying to dissuade him from giving evidence in court. Sameer was arrested and charged with witness intimidation. He was jailed for two years.

Sameer Khan Credit: Met Police