Tower Bridge newlyweds 'unaware' of furore over picture

Photographer Saber Miresmailli launched a search for the couple after taking a picture of them on Tower Bridge. Credit: Saber Miresmailli

A bride and groom pictured in a loving embrace while Tower Bridge glistens in the background have said they did not know about a campaign to find them until they returned from honeymoon two weeks later.

Speaking to ITV London about the incredible story, the just-married couple now identified as James Egan and Laura Demack, said they had no idea thousands of people were looking for them after an appeal by photographer Saber Miresmailli.

Mr Miresmailli's social media plea, which he launched so that he could give them a copy of the beautiful picture as a gift, was shared more than 250,000 times before the couple were found.

We landed into the UK at about 6pm. As soon as we got into Heathrow, we checked our Facebook accounts and it was crazy - I've never seen anything like it - it was amazing.

James Egan and Laura Demack

The couple described the attention the picture has created as "a whirlwind" but said they are not worried or overwhelmed by it.

They also revealed that they have just made contact with Mr Miresmailli and have 'friended' him on Facebook.

The pair added that the stunning picture is "beautiful" and described the photographer as "a legend" for capturing the image from a moving car while he was on holiday from Canada.

First of all we were completely amazed that he could capture such a brilliant moment. He was in transit, in the back of a car, and to frame us in the middle of Tower Bridge and capture that moment between us is incredible.... Because it was sunset we thought it would be a cool time of day to get some pictures. There were a few tourists walking by and taking pictures but we didn't notice this guy so it was a lovely surprise. >

James Egan and Laura Demack