Maida Vale station marks 100th anniversary

Maida Vale station is 100 years old today Credit: Transport for London

The 100th anniversary of the opening of a tube station initially staffed entirely by women is being marked with a number of events.

Maida Vale station on the Underground's Bakerloo line first started operating on June 6 1915.

With many men away fighting in the First World War, Underground chiefs employed women to run the new north west London station.

Except for driving the trains, women performed all the other station jobs and continued to do so until 1919 by which time many servicemen had returned to London.

Within 20 years women were once again taking on many Tube jobs following the outbreak of the Second World War.

Events today at Maida Vale include an exhibition chronicling the history of women in transport, with staff volunteers on hand to speak with customers about the history of the station and the role of women in transport.

The station's 100th anniversary is being marked with a number of events Credit: Transport for London

Maida Vale station has played a key role in our history, opening in 1915 as part of the extension of the Bakerloo line beyond Paddington, as well as being staffed entirely by women so that the Underground could continue to play a vital role in serving the capital during the Great War.

Mike Brown, London Underground