Commuters locked out as thieves board up rail station

Commuters found themselves locked out of a busy commuter station this morning after thieves boarded up the entrance and tried to steal a cash machine inside.

Enfield Chase station in north London remained closed for much of the morning rush-hour. Gunter Hollenstein, who runs a cafe inside Enfield Chase, called police when he found the station blocked off - but was surprised to discover they had not yet been alerted.

Speaking to the Evening Standard he said:

The entrance to the station was boarded up with plywood but there were no notices, which I thought was rather strange. Then I got in touch with BTP and they knew nothing. Some people arrived at the station. Because nobody knew what was going on, one bloke got so fed up he pushed his way through the boarded-up entrance and went up on to the platform. He looked in the ticket hall and realised that they'd tried to take the cash machine out. They didn't manage to open the safe, but the cash machine was completely destroyed. I reckon it was power tools they must have used.

Gunter Hollenstein
Enfield Chase Credit: Google Street View

A BTP spokesman added:

Our officers were called to Enfield Chase railway station around 5.30am after reports of a burglary of a cash machine. Officers are at the scene and inquiries are ongoing. A side entrance to the station is now open.

British Transport Police