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Are you living in one of London's mobile blackspots?

We all know the feeling - you go to use your phone only to find there's no signal. On the train - or at home, it's a bigger problem in London than you might imagine.

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According to new research, a third of Londoners are plagued by blackspots.

After spending 6 weeks collecting and analysing data from inside London homes Global Wireless Solutions found:

  • 35% of Londoners have some kind of mobile blackspot in their home
  • 29% told pollsters they 'regularly' have issues making and/or receiving mobile calls from home
  • More than 40% of the Londoners polled by GWS for its survey said that mobile data connectivity issues had 'definitely contributed' to their decision to switch operators

The UK is no longer a 'fixed line' nation. When we're at home we don't just receive calls on our mobiles - we make them too.

The best phone is the one you've got on you - not the one sitting in its dock out in the hallway. But that presents a problem for operators - many of whom are clearly struggling with the brave new world of 'in-home mobility'.

Only by gathering and analysing accurate data on the performance of wireless networks will operators find a solution that genuinely benefits consumers - consumers who are currently not well-served by the kind of 'crowd-sourced' data operators too-often use to bolster unrealistic claims about the level of service they offer.

– Paul Carter, CEO of GWS

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