'F*** off and die, w******s, b*****ks, tossers' - just some of Boris Johnson's favourite phrases

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Boris Johnson has a finer grasp of the English language than most contemporary politicians.

He possesses a linguistic flourish which mean his speeches are rarely dull.The Mayor is fond of demonstrating the rewards of an expensive, classical education.

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But occasionally he resorts to phrases which would see him instantly ejected from some of the capital's posher establishments.

His recent highly-charged encounter with a cabbie is just the latest in a series of what tabloid newspapers like to call a 'foul-mouthed tirade'Two weeks ago he was filmed telling the taxi driver to 'f*** off and die.'

In January he described Islamic fundamentalists as young men obsessed with porn. 'They are literally w******s'.

In 2013 he responded to a heckler at City Hall with the words: 'That is not true. B*****ks.' He told a political rival to 'get stuffed'.

In 2012 he called election campaign protesters 'lefty tossers'.