London cabbie told to 'f*** off and die' by Boris accused today of being 'serial heckler'

A London cabbie told to 'f*** off and die' by Boris Johnson was accused today of being a serial heckler.

Credit: PA

A bystander filmed the mayor swearing at the taxi driver during a heated late-night exchange in Islington.

The cabbie is heard shouting: 'you are one of them mate, that's what your are. One of them.'

Credit: PA

Johnson replies:

Why don't you f*** off and die - and not in that order.

– Boris Johnson

The driver then responded:

Yeah, b******s, hope you die.

– Driver

City hall sources said Johnson immediately recognised the driver as a regular heckler in the public gallery during Mayor's Question Time.

Question Time has been frequently disrupted by cabbies angry over Transport for London's decision to licence the rival minicab firm Uber.

I believe this particular cabbie is a serial heckler. He offered Boris a few choice words. Boris felt obliged to offer him a few in return. And off they went.

– Boris Johnson ally

Feelings are running very high in the cab trade and he took the opportunity to speak to his elected represented.

I don't take offence at the language used but he inference to go and die, I think that's a little bit nasty, but it was two grown men at one o'clock in the morning.

The go off and die bit I think is particularly nasty, vindictive, vitriolic.

– Steve McNamara, Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association

As someone who also gets shouted at by cabbies, I am fed up and have every sympathy with Boris in his lively exchange with the heckling taxi driver.

Of course, it is also possible to have sympathy with the cab drivers who are feeling let down by the Mayor’s lack of enforcement against illegal mini cab touting.

I love black cabs and rely on them to get me home from late night meetings.

As much as I admire their professionalism, there is little reciprocation when I am on my bike.

I often get heckled about ‘you cyclists never obey the law’ when I am sat there at red lights. With the success of Operation Safeway, most cyclists are now sat there with me. By contrast, in the last two weeks, I’ve seen two cabbies jump red lights.

– Jenny Jones, London Assembly Green Party member