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How happy is your postcode? Interactive map reveals the best and worst parts of London

SW6 is the happiest London postcode to live in, while SW17 and Tooting is the least positive, according to a new study into social interaction.


A 3D interactive map and website called the Happy Forecast has been created to showcase the research, which Londoners can use to see how the different areas of the city rank by social activity, and where you are most likely to be greeted with a smile or an eye-roll.

Its creators aim to get users to become more positive in how they interact with others.

The map was created by interactive design firm Clubhouse Studios, who visited 119 London postcodes three times a day for over a year to observe social interactions between the people living, working and visiting each postcode in order to gather data.

Credit: PA

This involved noting acts of kindness or aggression, body language and verbal interaction and measuring it on what is known as the 'Jen Ratio' - a way of measuring social well-being in public spaces.

Research shows that sharing the same space for even just a few minutes a day with kind and friendly strangers makes us more optimistic, improves our self-esteem and helps us connect with our environment. We undertook this year-long observational study as a general health check for the city's public spaces, and the effect Londoners have on each other as they move through them.

– Dan Coppock, the co-founder of Clubhouse Studios

Here are the top 10 'most positive' postcodes, according to the Happy Forecast:

  • 1. SW6 - Fulham, Parson's Green
  • =2. SE19 - Upper Norwood, Crystal Palace, Norwood New Town
  • =2. SE21 - Dulwich Village, West Dulwich
  • =4. SE22 - East Dulwich
  • =4. SW13 - Barnes, Castelnau
  • =6. SE1 - Waterloo, Bermondsey, Borough
  • =6. SE23 - Honor Oak, Forest Hill
  • =8. SE13 - Lewisham, Hither Green
  • =8. SW4 - Clapham
  • 10. NW3 - Hampstead , Belsize Park, Swiss Cottage

The 10 'least positive' postcodes of London's 119:

  • 109. SE6 - Catford, Bellingham
  • 110. E8 - Hackney, Dalston
  • 111. SE5 - Camberwell
  • 112 - SE8 - Deptford
  • 113. W3 - Acton
  • 114. SE28 - Thamesmead
  • =115. WC1 - Bloomsbury, Gray's Inn
  • =115. SE17 - Walworth, Elephant & Castle
  • 117. SW8 - Nine Elms, Vauxhall, South Lambeth
  • 118. E1 - Aldgate, Whitechapel, Mile End
  • 119. SW17 - Tooting