Scrap night Tube launch 'or face more strikes' warn unions

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A senior union official today demanded London Underground scrap its planned launch of the 24-hour 'night tube' or risk more strikes.

The Underground is expected to be at a standstill from 6pm today because of a mass walkout by members of four unions.

London mayor Boris Johnson accused union leaders of being boneheaded and pigheaded, saying the strike was 'politically motivated' and timed to coincide with the Budget.

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Underground managers called on the unions to suspend the strike and allow members to vote on a new pay offer.

But senior RMT negotiator John Leach refused. He said it was too late to cancel today's industrial action.

Mr Leach called on LU to postpone the September launch of the night tube until the government agrees to pay for more station staff.

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London Underground needs to completely rethink the agenda which is an austerity led agenda. What they need to do is re-staff those stations. There's £4.2bn of austerity cuts hanging over the tube still. They need to put back this night tube and get back around the negotiating table.

John Leach RMT negotiator