Woman 'too fat to fancy' hits back at insulting Tinder date in most public way possible

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A woman told by a Tinder date she was 'too fat to fancy' has hit back in the most public way possible.

Michelle Thomas went for a night out with her date at a restaurant on London's South Bank. But it didn't go well.

Michelle wasn't particularly bothered whether she saw or spoke to her date ever again.

He, on the other hand, spoke his mind in a message which made direct references to her weight.

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The man - who Michelle has not named - went on to explain how he would simply not be able to get turned on by her.

Credit: Instagram/msmthomas

Pretty gobsmacking, and it left Michelle in floods of tears. So, a few days later, Michelle responded in the best way possible in an open letter on her blog, leaving her date in no doubt about how she felt.