Heil Hitler salute illustrates worrying rise in Jewish hate crimes

Hate crimes against Jewish people in London have soared, according to new police figures.

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The Met recorded a 134% increase in anti-semitic offences between June 2014 and June 2015.

Other hate crimes against muslims and gay people have also risen.

  • The number of anti-semitic hate crimes went up from 221 last year to 518 this year.
  • Police figures show a 75% increase in Islamophobic offences, from 460 to 806
  • Homophobic crime went up by 30% from 1,261 to 1,648
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The Community Security Trust, a Jewish charity which monitors anti-semitism, said the figures reflected a greater willingness by victims to report crime.

London's Jewish community is on a heightened state of alert following a series of terrorist attacks in Europe.

The terrorist attacks on European Jews earlier this year, following the high levels of anti-semitism in 2014, were a difficult and unsettling experience for our Jewish community.

We welcome the apparent increase in reporting of anti-semitic incidents, but regret the concern and anxiety about anti-semitism that this reflects.

– David Delew, Community Security Trust
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A man filmed giving a 'Heil Hitler' salute to a Jewish van driver pleaded guilty to a race hate offence at Stratford magistrates' court yesterday.

Anthony Michael will be sentenced at a future hearing.