Highest levels of killer air pollution 'at pushchair level'

Research by a community group worried about air quality has found that pollution levels are 30% higher at pushchair level than official recorded levels.

Credit: PA

The group called hfcyclists worked with Healthy Air London and ClientEarth to monitor pollution levels at different heights. They attached pollution monitors at a variety of heights around two areas of west London.

John Griffiths, Chair of hfcyclists placing an NO2 tube Credit: hfcyclists

Official readings are recorded three metres in the air but the study found levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) were higher at pushchair level.

Image revealing findings of hfcyclists Credit: hfcyclists

NO2 is a noxious gas given out by petrol and diesel engines, but particularly diesel engines. It aggravates asthma, can stunt lung development and contributes to many deaths.

Credit: PA

Andrea Lee, Healthy Air London coordinator at ClientEarth, said:

A recent study from the Mayor of London has revealed that almost 10,000 early deaths each year in London are caused by air pollution.

Air pollution affects us all but some members of society, such as young children, older people and people with heart and respiratory conditions, are more vulnerable to the impacts.

The Mayor, councils and the UK Government need to do more to protect people from illegal levels of air pollution.

– Andrea Lee, Healthy Air London coordinator at ClientEarth