'We should all be able to decide when to die' says partner of retired nurse who feared old age

The partner of a retired nurse who ended her life to avoid deteriorating health in old age says everyone should be able to choose when to die.

Gill Pharaoh, 75, was not suffering from any terminal illness but complained her life was in decline and didn't want to get old. She ended her life at a Swiss clinic.

Credit: ITV News

Speaking to ITV News, her partner John Southall, from Pinner in north London, said he fully supported her decision.

Credit: ITV News

Speaking before her death Gill Pharaoh, a mother-of-two, said her experience as a nurse revealed the reality of old age.

Credit: ITV News

John described how he, and Gill's two children miss her, but 'didn't feel robbed' because Gill had voluntarily left the party.

Despite not suffering any serious health problems, Ms Pharaoh said a severe bout of shingles in 2010 had changed everything and she started to feel that her health was beginning to deteriorate.

Gill Pharoah died in Basel on July 21 with John beside her.