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London icons depicted in stunning biro pictures

Islington-based artist Dean Waite has produced a number a stunning illustrations of London icons using little more than a biro pen.

His work is inspired by the stars and architecture of the city, which he depicts in beautiful detail.

Carnaby Street in the Sixties. Credit: Dean Waite.

He told ITV London his home city has had a huge impact on his work.

I revel in my London upbringing. Growing up in an environment with contrasting cultures and surroundings has greatly influenced my style of art and the way I express my creativity.

– Dean Waite.
Michael Caine as Harry Palmer. Credit: Dean Waite.

He is currently working on a new technique of applying biro on top of Letraset marker in order to add colour to some of his work.

St Paul's Cathedral. Credit: Dean Waite.

Inspiration, he says, comes from all around; the clashes of old and new contained within the city, and the historical imprints of eras contained in the streets.

Pearly Queen. Credit: Dean Waite.

He said:

My inspiration comes from the things I see around me. The mix of subject matters such as the modern and traditional, urban symbolism, sex, race and cultural differences all help create my realistic and highly detailed works.

– Dean Waite.
Barbican Tower. Credit: Dean Waite.

Though the drawings are mostly composed through the humble biro, on occasion he does use other materials.

My artworks are illustrated through the use of a hand drawn, photorealist, illustrative style using biro as my primary medium however, on some pieces I do like to use graphite and spray paint as my additional mediums.

– Dean Waite
Amy. Credit: Dean Waite.

To see more of his work, head over to his website: