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Boris Johnson attempts golf - and other memorable sporting moments

Boris Johnson's zip wire incident attracted headlines all over the world. Photo: ITV London.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson played his very first game of Golf today, at his local club in Hillington.

He was given a quick lesson before he started, but did not prove to be a natural and even managed to hit our camera operator. The crowd cheered him on as he made attempt after attempt to hit the ball.

The mayor is not known for his sporting prowess, but equally does not shy away from any opportunity to get involved in promoting sport across the city. This combination has resulted in some memorable sporting occasions:

Zip wire

Back in the summer of 2012, Boris Johnson was famously left hanging half way down a zipwire in Victoria Park in East London. ITV London were the only television crew attending the event - and captured the whole thing, which you can enjoy again below.

The mayor had to be pulled up by the teams on the ground after getting stuck in the air.


Boris took part in a celebrity tennis match in aid of the Royal Marsden Hospital at The Queen's Club back in 2013.

Boris Johnson plays tennis. Credit: PA.

Playing against Andy Murray and Tim Henman, Johnson's efforts raised lots of money for the charity, but did not impress the spectators, and sadly did not improve his reputation as a sportsman.


In 2014 Boris sent a young football player flying during a pretty bad tackle during a football match to promote healthy living.

A group of youngsters had been recruited to play football with the mayor on a piece of grass next to City Hall.

The publicity stunt was in support of a new report called Better Health for London.

The mayor has form when it comes to opponents crying foul... in 2006 he was involved in another 'extreme' tackle during a charity football match against Germany.

Table Tennis

Boris Johnson has long been a fan of table tennis. In 2008 he declared from the Beijing Olympics he was delighted to be bringing ping pong home, and in 2013 accepted a challenge from Pippa Middleton to a game.

ITV News joined with Boris back in 2010 when he took on pupils in a school in Bermondsey and lost, despite his best efforts.

He was promoting a number of free sporting events taking place along the capital to celebrate the Olympics.