Weather for the new week - forecast for London and the home counties

The sun sets on a fine weekend - temperatures warming up for the new week. Credit: PHIL SADLER


High pressure is in charge for the next few days. On Tuesday, a front in the North Sea pushes cloud and patchy rain into parts of East Anglia. On Wednesday a collection of fronts pushes cloud and rain into Wales and the western side of the UK, forcing the front in the North Sea to withdraw eastwards again. We in London and the home counties are between the two features and so stay fine and dry thoughout the coming week. Breezier but warmer on Wednesday - best sun on Wednesday too!

In more detail...

Sunday night:

Most places dry this evening, though a light shower is possible close to the south coast. Dry overnight with clear periods and light winds. Quite cool in places by dawn, lows 9-10c.


Another fine day as we go into the new week with spells of sunshine and variable cloud amounts. Winds stay light so feeling pleasantly warm again in the sunshine, highs slightly up on today's values at 22c 72f.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Dry with sunny spells on Tuesday. Wednesday, sunny periods with most parts staying dry. Thursday breezier with more cloud, though many places staying dry. Temperatures rise and could reach 26c in parts of Essex - so even though it'll be breezier, it won't have too adverse an effect on the general feel of the day.