A Halfords 'we fit' lorry gets stuck under a bridge. Again.

The lorry stuck under the bridge at Elmers End Credit: @danny_speed/Twitter

To get one lorry stuck under a bridge is unfortunate. But two?

A Halfords lorry bearing the slogan 'we fit' became wedged under a bridge in Elmers End in south London - and according to observers it wasn't far from where another Halfords lorry got into a tight situation last October.

Danny Speed tweeted Halfords saying: "second time one of your lorries didn't fit under a bridge less than 500 yards from last time".

London Fire Brigade said they were called shortly after 9am today, and the incident had been dealt with by 10.30am. Southeastern trains had to cancel some services, but said the line had re-opened by 10.30am.

Halfords has not commented officially on the incident, but it did appear to Tweet out an apology.

ITV London has approached Halfords for comment, and will update this article as appropriate.

In the mean time, if you missed the first one, here's a little reminder:

The Halfords lorry that became wedged under a bridge in Beckenham last Autumn Credit: London Fire Brigade

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