Man comes forward after woman 'pushed off bike into oncoming rush hour traffic'

A man is to be interviewed by police after a female cyclist was pushed into oncoming traffic during rush hour.

The cyclist politely warned the suspect not to cross the road in Whitechapel until she had passed safely.

But the man reacted by swearing at her and chasing her down the street.

As she slowed down near a junction he shouted at her again before pushing her off her bike - straight into the path of passing traffic.

The woman was "fortunate" to get out of the road before being hit by any vehicle, Scotland Yard said.

She did not require medical treatment but was "very upset" following the incident.

The victim was able to contact police and download the footage of the incident recorded on her helmet camera.

On Tuesday evening, police said a 33-year-old man had attended Bethnal Green police station and identified himself as the man in the video.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "The man was not arrested. He will be interviewed by officers from Tower Hamlets in due course."