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Historian claims Cornish pasties were invented in London

The famous Cornish pasty - originally invented in London, according to new claims. Photo: Press Association

Historian and food writer Peter Brears has claimed that the Cornish pasty was in fact invented in London.

Writing in food studies journal Petits Propos Culinaires, he said pasties in Cornwall in the 19th century were mostly vegetarian, and the term "Cornish Pasty" was coined by cooks working around that time in London.

He said the elements that make a Cornish pasty unique have no relation to Cornwall.

Firstly, they selected only meat, potatoes, onions etc as their filling, rejecting all other traditional ingredients and secondly, but most importantly, they were tiny, only a couple of inches across.

These were not intended to feed a miner or an agricultural labourer but to make an economical savoury nibble for polite middle-class Victorians

– Peter Brears

He also said the special privileges and protection granted to Cornish pasties - and the restrictions on bakers making Cornish pasties across the rest of the UK were "totally bemusing".

The Cornish Pasty Association said the EU protection won made no claims on where the origin of the pasty came from.

The application for protection of the name Cornish Pasty does not make any claim about the origin of the pasty, it is of much greater relevance that the genuine recipe now protected by the EU is a distinctive product that has strong and verified cultural associations with Cornwall going back hundreds of years.

– Cornish Pasty Association