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Cure for motion sickness on the horizon thanks to London university

. Photo: Imperial College London

Scientists at a London college believe they have found a cure for motion sickness.

The cause of motion sickness is still a mystery but scientists believe it is to do with confusing messages received by our brains from both our ears and eyes when we are moving.

Three in ten people experience serious motion sickness symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and cold sweats when travelling on a boat, train or car.

Research from Imperial College London, published in Neurology, shows that a mild electrical current applied to the scalp can dampen responses in an area of the brain that is responsible for motion signals.

The research was led by Dr Qadeer Arshad from the Department of Medicine at the university. He believes the device can be developed into a device available for consumers within the next five to ten years.

It may be something like a tens machine that is used for back pain. We hope it might even integrate with a mobile phone, which would be able to deliver the small amount of electricity required via the headphone jack. In either case, you would temporarily attach small electrodes to your scalp before travelling - on a cross channel ferry, for example.

– Dr Qadeer Arshad