London Cure Smoked Salmon to get special EU status

Lance Forman, with his London smoked salmon. Photo: ITV News.

From the North Sea, to the East End - Scottish Salmon has been arriving in London for generations. It's smoked the traditional way, using techniques brought by Jewish immigrant families from eastern Europe when they arrived in London in the early 1900s.

Just one smokehouse remains. H Forman and Son produce London Cure smoked Salmon, which is on the brink being awarded European protected status - along with Champagne and Parma ham. It will become the first London food or drink to win this recognition, allowing the capital to claim it's own specialty.

It will join 63 other products in the UK, including the Cornish Pasty, Jersey Royal potatoes - and traditional Cumberland sausages.

I really wanted the public to be aware that smoked salmon is a London tradition, it's not a Scottish tradition. A lot of people think that it's this ancient Scottish product, but actually it was the salmon that came down from Scotland to East London where it was smoked.

East London is the home of salmon smoking.

– Lance Forman

London Cure smoked salmon is sold in Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsbury's - and also used in some of the capital's top restaurants. It is a family recipe that's changed little since the company began in 1905.

Using small amounts of rock salt, followed by light oak smoking - giving the salmon a distinctive mild flavour and clean taste.

The application for protected status for London cure has already been approved by the government.

H Forman and Son is awaiting final confirmation from the EU, which they expect to receive by the end of the year.