Secret deal to allow West Ham to use London's Olympic stadium to be made public

The secret deal to allow West Ham to use London's Olympic stadium is to be made public.

Credit: PA

The mayor's London Legacy Development Corporation will be forced to disclose details of the contract following a ruling from the Information Commissioner.

West ham, Boris Johnson and the LLDC have argued 'commercial confidentiality' in their refusal to publish the contact.

Credit: PA

West Ham contributed just £15m to the £272m cost of converting the stadium from an athletics venue to a 'multi-use arena' with a football pitch.

The club's annual rent is a closely guarded secret but it was recently revealed taxpayers would foot the bill for goalposts and corner flags. Supporters' trusts from other London clubs launched a campaign last month to demand transparency.

Lawyers for the LLDC are considering an appeal against the ruling.

We are disappointed by the Information Commissioner’s decision which we believe will damage our ability to secure the best deal for the taxpayer in future.

The Stadium will have many users and publishing the contractual details will undermine our ability to deliver the best financial outcome from numerous future negotiations.

We always strive to balance transparency while protecting the taxpayers’ financial interest and we are considering the ruling carefully as we decide what action to take.

– London Legacy Development Corporation