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Council baffled by stag's sudden appearance in Croydon park

A council has been left baffled after a stag suddenly appeared in a park in Croydon at the weekend.

The red deer stag has been contained in Park Hill recreation ground. Croydon Council says the animals can become aggressive and they're working to re-home it.

Enquiries are ongoing as to where the stag might have come from, but these animals do not occur naturally in this area.

We’re investigating the possibility of moving it to an animal sanctuary or other site where it could be safely released, and would ask that if anybody is able to offer the stag a home, or know of somewhere that might, they contact the council.

Moving such a large animal will probably require it to be sedated, and the council is seeking professional advice as to whether that sort of step is necessary, and how it would be best carried out.

Park Hill recreation ground will remain closed for the foreseeable future, and, for the safety of all concerned, we’d ask people to not attempt to enter the park.

– Croydon Council