Furious flathunter finds single mattress stuffed beneath stairs available for £500 per month

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A woman was mortified when she went to view a cosy £500-per-month apartment - only to find it was a tiny cupboard under the stairs like Harry Potter.

Alex Lomax was stunned when the 'bedsit' she went to view turned out to be a slim mattress in a cloakroom under the stairs - with no window or bathroom.

The 23-year-old could not stop laughing when she realised the tiny accommodation in Clapham, south London, bore a striking resemblance to the cupboard under the stairs boy wizard Harry Potter was forced to inhabit by his cruel aunt and uncle.

Credit: Alex Lomax

The room lacked any utilities, but did come with a carton of Daz on the floor and coats hanging from hooks.

Credit: Alex Lomas

The ad was posted on site London2let and reads: