Hackney Council to cull foxes over safety concerns

Hackney has a huge number of urban foxes. Credit: Reuters

Hackney Council have announced they will start culling foxes living in Clissold Park due to health concerns.

The cull is necessary, the council told ITV News, as the foxes are posing a "severe health risk" to the deer living in the park.

The deer enclosure has recently been invaded by the animals, who could be vulnerable to disease.

London is thought to be home to more than 10,00 foxes and the last cull to get rid of them is thought to have been in the 80s. The council said the foxes will be baited, trapped and shot in accordance with government rules.

Mayor Boris Johnson urged councils to consider implementing fox culls in 2013 after a four-week-old baby had its finger ripped off by one of the animals as he slept in his cot in Bromley.

Hackney Council said the move was in a bid to protect deer and humans living around Clissold Park, and they had no plans to extend the cull to areas outside the enclosure.

The RSPCA reacted angrily to the plans, saying there was no evidence the foxes pose any disease risk, and urged the council to reconsider.

Hackney Council said they are not sure how many foxes will be killed, but said their experts knew there was "evidence of significant activity".