Police called after men dressed as traffic cones block road

Credit: Twitter / @dtheochari

Police are often called to respond to some strange happenings, but surely this must rank as one of the more bizarre.

"Males dressed as traffic cones blocking the road like traffic cones," the police report said.

Kingston Police tweeted a photo of the incident report from the early hours of Sunday morning, which has since been shared hundreds of times.

One Twitter user responded, by posting photographic evidence of the orange-clad traffic cones.

"They were just standing in front of the taxi and the bus not letting them get past and taking pictures of themselves," Dan Theochari told the Evening Standard.

"I didn't actually see the police I was waiting for a taxi but I saw it and it made me laugh."

Kingston Police say that while they saw the funny side in the prank, they did advise the men to move off the road.