High profile UKIP member quits party, claiming he's the victim of racism

Winston McKenzie has announced he is quitting UKIP Credit: PA

Winston McKenzie, the most high profile black member of UKIP dramatically quit the party today after claiming he was the victim of racial discrimination.

Mr McKenzie, 60, stood unsuccessfully in Croydon North in the general election in May.

The colourful and flamboyant former boxer is angry at being passed over by party bosses selecting UKIP's candidate for London mayor.

In an exclusive interview with ITV News, Mr McKenzie claimed he was blocked from progressing in the party because of racism in the "higher echelons".

"I'm incensed at the present moment because where I stand in UKIP, I feel as though I've been completely ignored, racially discriminated against by people in the higher echelons of the party," he said.

"I'm talking about the leader's followers."

ITV News is awaiting a response to the claims from UKIP.