Car gets personalised parking ticket after racking up over 60 fines in central London

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A Russian car has been given a personalised parking ticket after racking up over 60 fines in central London in less than a year.

Westminster City Council took the unusual step because the high-performance vehicle was repeatedly blocking a side street in a major West End shopping district.

Only four of the fines have been paid by the driver, whose Russian-registered BMW M6 is obstructing access to apartments and businesses in Babmaes Street near Regent Street.

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The driver's 50th ticket was stuck to the car's windscreen accompanied by a letter from the council's head of parking, Sara Sutton, warning that the authority would launch a prosecution if the vehicle continued to be parked illegally.

Credit: Westminster City Council

The driver owes £6,780 but local authorities struggle to pursue unpaid parking fines for vehicles registered overseas because they rely on foreign registration agencies to provide details of the owners.

Some countries are unwilling to pass on the information because they class parking contraventions as a civil debt rather than a criminal offence.

Westminster employs a specialist foreign debt recovery agent and is exploring ways of reducing its dependence on overseas agencies so it can prosecute more drivers who refuse to pay their fines.

Russian vehicles are 17th on a list of unpaid parking fines in Westminster at £13,855.

France tops the table at £318,389 followed by Belgium (£81,470), Germany (£68,462), Qatar (£65,835) and Romania (£48,910).

Vehicles registered in Monaco - which only has a population of around 37,000 - are 15th on the list at £20,170.

Here's the full letter from Westminster City Council to the owner of the car: