What difference might a 24-hour Tube make to London? Look to Berlin and its booming night time economy

Luke Hanrahan

Former Reporter, ITV News London

It's 25 years since the Berlin wall was demolished, since then Germany's capital has seen an explosion of international visitors. A place where tourism is growing twice as fast as the German average.

From dawn till dusk and back, the city has a growing 24-hour reputation which fuels a constant economy.

It's down, in large part to the Berlin's 24-hour public transport system, a limited service during the week, and a full service which operates over the weekend.

Paul Tighe is a Dubliner who works in a well known Berlin bar. He has experienced life in London, but safe to say - he prefers Berlin.

Credit: ITV News

In London you could describe it that the state abandons you at 12 o'clock, you're really on your own. For such a big city it's really strange, it doesn't make sense for London. Berlin is totally stress free.

Paul Tighe

In the bars and clubs the atmosphere is different, the pressure is obviously off. Wherever you fancy going, whatever the time is, you can get there quickly and cheaply.

Credit: ITV News

You can go out at 2 o'clock in the morning and still say 'alright we can get everywhere we want wherever we like' so there's no limit at all, which is really cool.

Freya Gerecke

The U-Bahn runs all night, you can go into any convenience store and get a beer at every hour. You just go about your day, it's very relaxed.

Christian Bertilsson
Credit: ITV News

For the tenth year in a row tourism figures in Berlin are expected to break records.

It's anticipated that 30 million people will visit Germany's capital this year.

The 24 hour weekend transport service has played it's part, the night time economy has doubled since it was introduced.

Credit: ITV News

We are the most Mediterranean city in the North. I would expect that London, as Europe's number one destination, would already have a 24 hour service and everything was less regulated. Berlin is Germany, a country which is well known for a lot of regulation, but it's the other way around. We are not very regulated here, and people are very relaxed.

Christian Tänzler, Visit Berlin

It's true to say that the impact is not all positive, some areas of the city have seen levels of crime rise since the 24 hour system was introduced - namely drug dealers and pickpockets.

There have also been complaints from residents about an increase in litter and noise. Like Berlin, London will have to adapt - and it has much to learn from its German counterpart.