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Sandi Toksvig laughs off London mayor race rumours

Toksvig: Credit: PA

Sandi Toksvig has laughed off rumours that she is set to throw her hat into the ring in the contest for a new Mayor of London to replace Boris Johnson.

The comedian said she could not imagine anyone more "inappropriate" for the job when questioned over the suggestions she could run in next year's mayoral election.

How do these rumours get started, do you suppose?

Can you imagine anybody more inappropriate to be Mayor? Oh yes, the current Mayor.

– Sandi Toksvig

Toksvig, who was recently announced as the new host of the news quiz show QI, has dabbled in politics and is currently helping to set up a feminist political party.

But she insisted that she had no desire to become a professional politician during an appearance on the BBC Radio 4 programme Desert Island Disks on Sunday morning.

"It is absolutely not my intention," she told the programme host Kirsty Young.

"I am helping to found a political party - the Women's Equality Party - but I do not wish to be a politician.

"I am too busy and it isn't my skill set."