A quarter of London students exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution: report

Credit: PA

Almost a quarter of school children in London are being exposed to dangerously high levels of air pollution, a new report has warned.

According to an analysis by the Policy Exchange and Kings College London, the worst-affected schools are in the boroughs of:

  • Westminster

  • Tower Hamlets

  • Southwark

  • Camden

  • Kensington and Chelsea

In total, it estimates that 328,000 students go to schools where the level of nitrogen dioxide is too high.

Research has found that children are particularly vulnerable to unsafe levels of air pollution – partly due to higher exposure, and partly due to children being more susceptible to the effects of air pollution.

'up in the air' report

The report states that while adults are less susceptible to the effects of air pollution, their exposure level in parts of the city can be "extremely high".

Credit: PA

"Our analysis indicates that 3.8 million people work in parts of London which are above legal limits for nitrogen dioxide pollution, representing 44%of London’s workday population," the report states.

The moral case for tackling air pollution is very clear.

'up in the air' report

The report has been released as world leaders gather in Paris for global climate change talks aimed to curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

It states that while some progress has been made to clean up London's air, much more work still needs to be done.


Years of life lost because of air pollution

"The most recent air quality projections for London... show that even with the current suite of policies, London is unlikely to achieve compliance with air quality limits by 2025," the report warns.