Zero-hours contracts to work at House of Lords

Credit: PA

The House of Lords is looking for new staff, but two of the jobs are being advertised as zero-hours contracts.

Such contracts allow employers to hire staff with no guarantee of actual work.

One of the positions is for a kitchen porter, whose duties would involve providing catering services to Lords Members, their staff, and guests.

The second job is described as a "waiting, retail, banqueting and bar" staff member.

The Lords themselves receive a daily allowance of up to £300 for each sitting they attend.

Credit: PA

The House of Lords appears to operate a different policy from the Commons, which has decided to get rid of zero-hour contracts.

In July this year, Tom Brake MP - representing the House of Commons Commission - said:

He said there were two members of Commons staff who still operated on zero-hours contracts, but added that both had been offered new contracts and declined.

In a statement to ITV London, a House of Lords spokeswoman said that the use of zero-hours contracts is used to fill jobs where staffing requirements vary significantly week to week.

"Zero-hours positions have replaced the previous use of agency staff and casual staff; they have not replaced any permanent contracted roles in the House of Lords," she said.

The spokeswoman said any staff on zero-hours contracts are free to turn down offers of work, are not prevented from working elsewhere, and are paid at least the London Living Wage.