Mother's homophobic rant during school's LGBT awareness week publicly backfires

The the school's LGBT awareness week badge Credit: King Solomon High School

By Tania Steere: ITV News

A mother's homophobic rant online about a school "trying to force" LGBT awareness on children has publicly backfired.

She said that King Solomon High School in Redbridge was trying to "force this filth on children" and called it an "abomination".

But students and other parents were so disgusted by her post that it attracted a stream of criticism as it racked up hundreds of replies.

Children came to school the next morning and asked for more badges and rallied behind LGBT students in support.

The mother posted a photo of the “KSHS LGBT week” rainbow flag badge, with a red X mark drawn over it.

She said the school should not "force this filth on children" and then quoted a passage from the Bible.

The mother's rant. Credit: Facebook

A shocked parent replied to the post, saying: "If one child goes home from KS High School this week no longer considering taking their own life, job done.

“If one more child decides that they have the courage to tell their parents about their confusion at their sexuality, job done.

So pleased that the school has chosen to support LGBT week and promote tolerance and understanding in our own community.”

The school had devoted a week to activities that promote tolerance and understanding of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues.

A poster many of the children signed. Credit: King Solomon High School

Deputy Headteacher Sam Walters told ITV News that be believed they are the first Jewish Orthodox school to raise awareness of LGBT issues in the area and he urged other schools to follow suit.

Mr Walters said that "except for the one or two negatives comments, the positive reaction to this week has been quite overwhelming".