A London MP who voted to bomb Syria was today under police protection after a death threat on Twitter.

Officers were posted outside the constituency office of Neil Coyle, the Labour MP for Bermondsey & Old Southwark.

Mr Coyle was told 999 calls from his office or home would trigger an automatic response.

Neil Coyle with police this morning Credit: ITV News

The abusive tweet with images of knives, said: ' u voted for air strikes in syria, if I see u round ends.'

The account was later deleted after Mr Coyle reported it to Twitter and alerted the police.

Neil Coyle with police this morning Credit: ITV News

I don't know who this person is. They claim to be tweeting from London Bridge which is very near to the office. This has no place in democratic debate and discourse.

Credit: ITV News

Mr Coyle later received an email apology from someone called Ishak claiming to be the author of the tweet.

I am writing to apologise for the tweet made from my twitter account, in regards to the tweet containing the knife emojis which was later deleted. I concede it was inappropriate and was deemed to be violent. I know you have reported my account and have told the police (since I can't log in), but I sincerely apologise and will not follow up what was said. It was more of a show of anger than a threat. Frustration at the decision made regarding Syria. I respect the democratic system of our country and the free vote of the MPs and although I was frustrated I shouldn't have sent that tweet in the first place. > Hope you forgive me and let the police know of this apology.