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Unite backs Heathrow third runway calling it 'fundamental' to economic success

Unite hopes for the 'creation of high quality and sustainable jobs.' Credit: PA

The UK's largest trade union has backed the building a third runway at Heathrow airport, saying it is key to the success of the economy.

Unite has said it is strongly in favour of proposals from the Airports Commission that Heathrow should be expanded and this week will be calling on MPs to support them.

The Government is expected to make its decision on Heathrow within days.

Unite General secretary Len McCluskey said that a third runway was "crucial to securing our country's long-term economic prosperity."

"A further 'condition' that our union has placed on our support for expansion is the maintenance and creation of high quality and sustainable jobs," Mr McCluskey added.

Air Serbia plane takes off from Heathrow airport. Credit: PA

One of the key opposing arguments to the expansion is concern over noise pollution for local residents, but the union leader argued the effects would be limited.

Mr McCluskey said: "With expansion, the overall number of flights would grow, but new approach and departure paths could enable the noise impacts to be dispersed more widely, limiting the impacts on any individual community,"