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Swan left in 'excruciating pain' after ball bearing is fired into its beak

A swan was attacked by a gang who used a catapult to fire a ball bearing into its beak.

Police are hunting for the attackers who left the swan in excruciating pain following the incident last week.

The male sawn, who does not have a name, was picked up from Truss's Island in Surrey on Friday morning and taken to their treatment centre nearby.

Dot Beeson, founder of the Swan Sanctuary, said:

One of our rescuers went out to Truss's Island and picked him up and brought the swan to the hospital where we had to extract the ball bearing.

The poor thing, he was so stunned, it was a good half-inch ball bearing, you can imagine the whole it left in his beak.

There were another two swans that had beak injuries on the same day and we know that sort of thing has been done by a catapult sling.

– Dot Beeson

The sanctuary has reported the incident to the police, along with a similar incident in the area involving three geese that were mutilated.

All swans in the UK are owned by The Crown and harming them is a criminal offence.

The swan is still in a state of shock, you can imagine being hit on the side of a head by a cricket ball, it would be awful.

It's sickening. Sometimes things like this just make your soul weep.

– Dot Beeson