New safeguards to stop schoolchildren being radicalised online might have stopped three teenage girls travelling to Syria, according to a government minister.

Kadiza Sultana, Amira Abase and Shamima Begum disappeared from Bethnal Green in east London in February and are thought to have joined Islamic State militants as 'jihadi brides'.

CCTV footage showed the three pupils from Bethnal Green Academy travelling throughTurkey before crossing the border to Syria.

Ministers today announced new rules to try to protect pupils from extremist websites.

Schools will told to fit strong filters to classroom computers and to monitor internet access by students.

Schools minister Nick Gibb said the new guidelines could have alerted staff at Bethnal Green Academy to what the girls were planning.

"The material they were accessing at that school was not an extremist website, it was normal news websites, but what it would have done is it would have alerted the teachers to the fact that these girls were interested in this kind of issue. And what we're requiring schools to do now is not only to install filters but also to monitor inappropriate access by pupils at their school on websites that are either harmful or indicate an interest in something that might be in the future dangerous."