PM: 'Radical shift' to deliver 20,000 houses in west London

20,000 new homes will be build on a publicly-owned brownfield site. Credit: Press Association.

David Cameron today claimed a 'radical' shift in policy would deliver more than 20,000 new homes on a single site in west London.

The Prime Minister said the government would fast-track the building of affordable homes on publicly owned brownfield sites.

The scheme will be piloted at Old Oak Common, in Acton, where 24,000 homes are due to be built next to the proposed HS2 station.

Downing Street described it as the biggest intervention by the government since Margaret Thatcher and Michael Heseltine kick-started the regeneration of London's docklands in the 1980s.

But Labour said the Prime Minister's announcement was 'rhetoric' and a re-hash of previous promises.

The Old Oak Common development was approved by the government last year.