'You're bringing down the whole of womankind': War of words over a heavily pregnant MP

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A pregnant MP who left the Commons early because she was hungry was at the centre of a Parliamentary row today.

Tulip Siddiq, the Labour MP for Hampstead & Kilburn, was said to have been reprimanded for using the 'pregnancy card'.

Ms Siddiq, is believed to have flouted a Commons rule because she left the chamber too soon after making a speech.

Deputy Speaker Eleanor Laing Credit: PA

The MP, who is seven months pregnant, found herself in trouble with Deputy Speaker Eleanor Laing.

Mrs Laing, the MP for Epping in Essex, is said to have told her: "Don't play the pregnancy card with me."

Eleanor Laing then reportedly told Ms Siddiq: "You’re bringing down the whole of womankind."

Ms Siddiq, who is being pressed by fellow MPs to make a formal complaint, told a newspaper House of Commons conventions were outdated.