Muslim leader sues Trump for £10M over 'radicalised London' claims

Kamran Malik, and his Communities United Party. Credit: Press Association.

A Muslim political leader has begun a legal battle over Donald Trump's claims about areas of London being 'no-go' places for police.

Kamran Malik, head of the east-London based 'Communities United Party' is seeking £10M in damages against the US billionaire and would-be Republican candidate for US presidency for allegedy defaming Muslims living in Forest Gate.

Mr Malik, who lives in the area, argues that his "small community" has suffered the most damage and been most deeply affected by Mr Trump's general remarks about the radicalisation of Muslims. In a bid to justify his comments last December that Muslims should be barred from entering the US, Mr Trump said parts of London and Paris were so "radicalised" that police officers were scared.

The remarks were immediately dismissed and condemned by the Metropolitan Police, who said:

Mr Malik said Mr Trump's "careless or negligent comments" had, in his part of London, the potential "to affect the trust and confidence that (local Muslims) have built with their non-Muslim friends and business partners".

On Friday, Mr Malik applied to a High Court master for permission to serve papers on Mr Trump "out of the jurisdiction" at 725 Fifth Avenue, New York - Trump Tower.

The application was adjourned until February 19 to give Mr Malik, who is a Muslim and British national, time to amend the details of his claim so that it conforms with court rules.