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Astronaut Tim Peake posts stunning space view of London

British astronaut Tim Peake posted a couple of stunning pictures of London from the International Space Station (ISS) he is currently on board.

Last night the ISS was travelling over Europe and he managed to snap this space view picture at midnight.

London from space at midnight last night. Credit: Twitter: Tim Peake.

Peake has been in space for 47 days, arriving on December 15. During this time he took part in a spacewalk mission to replace a faulty solar unit on the aircraft, and transferring cargo.

He is due to take part in another space walk this week, assisting cosmonauts Yuri Malenchenko and Sergei Volkov as they install hardware for scientific experiments on the outside of the Station.

Looking to the east along the Channel with UK on the left and France on the right. Streetlights from the densely-populated London, Paris and Brussels glow brightly in the centre of the picture.

– Tim Peake

London's helicopter police service responded with a picture of their own, showing the city from within the atmosphere.