Sadiq Khan accused of stabbing Corbyn in the 'back, front and side'

Labour candidate for London mayor Sadiq Khan was tonight accused of stabbing party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the 'back, front and side'.

The vitriolic attack came from former Respect MP George Galloway who urged Labour voters to back him, not Khan.

Sadiq Khan came under fire at tonight's debate Credit: Reuters

Galloway's outburst came when the two candidates clashed during a mayoral hustings debate organised by the Evening Standard.

'Sadiq Khan has never voted against a Labour leader in his entire time in Parliament. He boasts that he's the least rebellious of politicians. And yet since the day and hour that Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader he has stabbed him in the back, in the front, in the side and I for one ask everyone who supports Corbyn to vote for me first preference in the election for London mayor.'

Respect candidate George Galloway hit out at the Tooting MP

Khan, the MP for Tooting, said he would continue to criticise Corbyn if he felt the Labour leader was not acting in London's interest.

'I'm sorry that George thinks that way about me. Maybe George will give me his second preference when it comes to voting. But I'm quite clear what my job description is. My job description is to be the best fighter, the best champion, the best advocate for London. That means if I think for example a Conservative government is doing right by London I'll say so and work with them.'