A pregnant woman has uploaded a video showing commuters in London apparently 'refusing to give up' their seat on the Underground.

Journalist Miri Michaeli Schwartz used a hidden camera to show London commuters' reluctance to give up their seats for a pregnant woman on the Tube and posted the video on Facebook, the Jewish Chronicle reports.

Commuters see me, they see my bump, sometimes even stare but don’t get up, even if they are getting off of the train at the next station or are seating in the priority seat with a sticker of a pregnant lady as a reminder above their heads. I already know how people look when they try to act like they haven’t seen me. The newspaper is held up a little higher, the phone comes out, headphones are placed in ears or sometimes.. they stare at my bump and just don’t care.

Miri Michaeli Schwartz writing on Facebook

The heavily pregnant Ms Schwartz got on to tube trains wearing a "baby on board" badge.

But she found most commuters unwilling to give up their seat.

It is not clear from the video whether passengers were immediately aware a pregnant woman was standing nearby.