Jaguar E-Type that spent 30 years rusting beneath a hedge could sell for £100,000

A car that spent 30 years parked under a hedge in Surrey could sell for £100,000 at auction after being found in a dreadful condition.

The 1963 Jaguar E-Type comes with all original documents, including its last MOT certificate from 1968.

The car could reach upwards of £100,000 at auction, despite spending 30 years rusting away under a hedge in Bisley, Surrey.

The car was first owned by a man called Ivor Arbiter, who was credited with creating The Beatles's iconic 'drop T' logo.

Valuer James Good, from the COYS auction house, said:

The car changed hands a couple of times between 1965 and 1967, before it ended up in the hands of racing enthusiast Frank Riches.> After racing the car around Brand's Hatch and Blackbushe in the late 1960s, Frank burnt out the car's clutch.> But rather than getting red e-type repaired, Frank kept it in storage.> Then in the eighties it was transferred to his garden, where it remained beneath a tarpaulin until 2015 - underneath a giant hedge that had grown around it.