Jaguar E-Type that spent 30 years rusting beneath a hedge could sell for £100,000

A car that spent 30 years parked under a hedge in Surrey could sell for £100,000 at auction after being found in a dreadful condition.

The 1963 Jaguar E-Type comes with all original documents, including its last MOT certificate from 1968.

The car could reach upwards of £100,000 at auction, despite spending 30 years rusting away under a hedge in Bisley, Surrey.

The car was first owned by a man called Ivor Arbiter, who was credited with creating The Beatles's iconic 'drop T' logo.

Valuer James Good, from the COYS auction house, said:

It is ideal for restoration and is extremely rare. It has a great history, including racing, which collectors love.

James Good

The car changed hands a couple of times between 1965 and 1967, before it ended up in the hands of racing enthusiast Frank Riches.> After racing the car around Brand's Hatch and Blackbushe in the late 1960s, Frank burnt out the car's clutch.> But rather than getting red e-type repaired, Frank kept it in storage.> Then in the eighties it was transferred to his garden, where it remained beneath a tarpaulin until 2015 - underneath a giant hedge that had grown around it.

This wonderful Series 1, 3.8 E-Type is in original condition, with matching numbers and has never been restored. It retains all the features it carried in 1969 and is possibly one of the most original examples remaining today. The car needs a total restoration but it has all the ingredients to make a superb car - this is a true rarity.

James Good